Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Hexagoon Pennenhouder

When you’re looking for a temporary interior, Style at Home is the place to be. This organisation rents out interior to private people and brokers who are looking to sell houses, office buildings et cetera. Furnished buildings are more likely to be sold. Style at Home decorates these empty properties in such a way that the buildings look more attractive to potential buyers. They do this on behalf of realtors and homeowners: “We style, you sell”. Style at Home used LocoMails Push-up Pen Pots to thank their clients for creative collaborations.

Full colour printed direct mail push up pen pot

Go for higher attention value with the Push-up Pen Pots

This full colour printed direct mail with calendar will fit your house-style perfectly. The six sides are completely personalisable, since they can be printed in any design you wish for. Add some images to give the Pot a personal touch.

One of the main benefits of the Push-up Pen Pots is that there is a lot of space for a personal note, slogans and additional information as this direct mail product has six sides. Since the Pot also has the options to store pens, the receiver will keep the calendar on his/her desk. This increases the attention value, and gives an extra dimension to your direct mail. Style at Home opted for the resealable envelopes, so the receiver can fold the Push-up Pen Pots and pack it in the envelope again. But there are more options when it comes to envelopes: a regular envelope and an envelope with window. Slogans and logo’s can be printed on any of these envelopes. Another option is the blanco envelope. This is a great option for when you’re on a budget.

We offer additional cards for when you’re looking for a way to provide more information. These cards can be printed one-sided or double-sided and will be enclosed in the envelope.

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