Case Direct Mailing Twin Slider Slide Out Card Oticon

Oticon is the supplier of the most advanced technology and audiology for people with hearing loss. To promote their latest product they used a Slide out card as direct mail. Oticon used a ChangeCard for their direct mail design before, in different languages but still the same design. Their corporate identity can be found on both the products, the Slide out card as well as the ChangeCard, to make it recognisable for their customers. By printing the design in full colour makes the corporate identity pop out even more. The card is matt laminated which gives it a more chic feeling to it. Are u still looking for original direct mail ideas? Than keep reading!


Surprise with the Slide out card

Slide cards are available in different forms and sizes. Oticon chose the Twin Slider for their direct mail. The Twin Slider makes the receiver curious and will attract the attention. When the receiver pulls the thumb tab at one of the ends, the card on the other end comes out simultaneously. The Slide out card has 6 different sides that can be printed in full colour. This way you will have enough space to put your message on. The size of the unique Twin Slider is extended 100 mm x 359 mm. Both panels are 96mm x 134 mm. De Slide out card can be send as selfmailer, which means you don’t need an envelope to send the direct mail. If you do prefer an envelope, we will provide you with that. We also give you the option of sealing your Slide card to give a chic look and feel to it.

Are you inspired?

Do you also want to use direct mailing to promote your company or product? And are you curious about all the possibilities the Slide out card offers? Than please don’t hesitate to contact us. We, from LocoMail, are happy to help you with all your direct mail questions.