Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Vouwkaart Kwaliteit

A quality direct mail of high stature as promotion material for the services of Gorilla IT. The 20 x 20 cm Turning Card has an outstanding design which shows the corporate identity of the company perfectly. The choice of finishing of this direct mail makes it even more special, but later on more about the finishing.  The Turning Card, or Infinity fold Card, is an interactive mailing with plenty of space for texts and images. To make sure that the final result of the quality direct mail for Gorilla IT would look perfect, the company used both elements for their direct mail. The different pages of the Turning Card show several communication methods; the front of the direct mail is covered with a surface covering, strong image while the other pages are covered with alternating texts and graphic elements.

Quality direct mail finishing

As said before, this direct mail has a high quality finishing. For the processing, the use of a HP Indigo has been chosen. When printing on a HP Indigo the quality can be compared to offset printing. Besides, printing on a HP indigo instead of  offset printing, has the advantage that it is also possible to process small runs who need to be personalised per piece.

The luxurious look of this quality DM is established due to the combination of the print and the finishing. Gorilla IT has namely chosen to finish the direct mail with matte laminate. Laminating the direct mail with matte or glaring laminate can give the look of the mailing a boost. Besides, with this finish, the print is also less delicate for scratches. This is a great option when you choose to print on the HP Indigo machine.

Quality direct mail

Sending your own quality DM?

Would you like to send a direct mail with a sublime finish? Take a look at our direct mail product assortment. For more inspiration or possibilities we would like to refer you to our DM examples. Here you will find business case of other companies who have worked with us before. Would you like to receive more information about the print techniques or finishing possibilities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.