Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Vouwkaart My Zwitserland

Switzerland makes a great holiday destination. provides information about Switzerland for tourist and travelers. Whether you are looking for accommodations, transport or activities: you will find it here. People who are looking for a holiday in nature can book their trip online. These trips will be promoted in an upcoming event in Amsterdam. The Never Ending Card is a folding special and was used to increase attention value for the event. This folding special was an excellent choice due to the amount of space it holds for information, images and text.

Never Ending Card as folding special for My Switzerland

A folding special suitable for any purpose

The first thing the receivers read after opening the envelope is the line ‘Nature wants you back’. This makes the reader curious: what’s this invitation for? ‘Nature wants you back’ is the slogan of the Switzerland trips. The campaign was brought to life to pull people away from the hectical office life back into the nature. Therefore the image on the first fold shows a bare feet man in suit.

The Never Ending Cards holds more purposes than just inviting people to an event: think of the opening of a new building or as an announcement for a staff party. Anything is possible with The Never Ending Card. The main feature of this product are the four faces. You can provide your receivers with endless information because of this. MySwitzerland opted for multiple images of nature. The receivers will let their dreams take over and imagine themselves in the beautiful nature of Switzerland. This increases attention value: something you are aiming for when choosing remarkable direct mail.

Due to our high quality printing techniques the images will stand out. LocoMail prints digitally with an indigo printer. This means that the ink has a different substance than toner. The result is much more beautiful, because it is less grainy.

Are you interested in using LocoMails The Never Ending Card as striking direct mail? Provide us with your own design for a unique product. Of course our team of experienced graphic designers is here to help you with designing an effective and remarkable design. Should you have any questions concerning one of our products, please contact our employees.