Case Direct Mailing Muziekkaart Qlimax Qdance

Qlimax is an annual indoor party organised by Q-dance. Way before the party starts speculations start to arise with regards to the theme, the artists and the anthem maker of the year. On the first of August the organisation started dropping hints for the fans to puzzle with. Some of the more dedicated fans received a very special hint delivered to their doorstep. Through the Musical Card Direct Mail the lucky few received an extra hint regarding the anthem maker of that year. How that all worked out can be read down below. 

Musical Card Direct Mail Qlimax

A unique Musical Card Direct Mail as a special hint

The speculations regarding the theme and artists are a yearly part of the build-up to Qlimax. The Music Card Direct Mail was printed in a very small edition of 250 cards to give special fans even more clues. It was soon figured out by the internet that the mailing was a clue to announce anthem maker B-Front. The card used very subtle hints in combination with suspicious tune to get the reader excited for the annual party. Because the setting for Qlimax 2019 – Symphony of Shadows was quite particular the effect of the mailing would not be as impressive if it were printed on regular paper. Therefore, it was decided that the card had to be made out of 300 grams Keaycolour, which gave the card a dramatic air that were in line with the online clues dropped by Q-dance.

The specifics for this direct mail were as follows:

  • Size finished card: 147x147mm
  • Size once opened: 147x294mm
  • Material: 300 grams Keaycolour
  • Weighs: 42 grams including envelope

Other options

The surprise element of the Musical Card direct mail was in this case used by Qlimax to add to the build-up of their annual party. Furthermore, the Sound Card could be used in many different ways to amplify your unique message. For instance, it works great to announce a new product or to invite guests to a special gathering. Here at LocoMail we are specialised in direct mailings that are both one-of-a-kind and high quality products. Do you have any questions about the most succesfull way to get your message across or are you interested in the Musical Card? Contact us, or request a free sample kit. We would gladly help you out.