Case Direct Mailing Flessenpost Paal 50

Paal 50 is an event planning agency located on Vlieland that tries to help vistors with a unique experience while on the island. The Message in a Bottle direct mail helped them in achieving their goal of making people aware of the arrangements they offer. The agency offers many different activities located either on the beach, the dunes or even in the forest. For instance, customers can go on GPS-hikes, participate in kite surfing, mointain biking and even experience what it would be like to participate in the Dutch show Expeditie Robinson. Furthermore, Paal 50 owns a foodtruck that can be loaned for lunches, drinks and grilling in the dunes of Vlieland. In this case the mailing was used to inform readers about the possibilities of corporate activities organised by Paal 50. The Message in a Bottle was a unique method to get this message across.

Message in a Bottle Direct Mail: The strategy

Paal 50 choose the Message in a Bottle direct mail to inform others of the activities the agency offers. The sticker on the front of the bottle has the message “Spoel aan!” printed on it. This would translate to “Wash up!”. Which is a reference to the idea that often messages in bottles would wash-up on shore. The bottle holds a two-sided card that is printed in full colour. The message on the card reads: “A corporate event on Vlieland? It’s best to wash-up at Paal 50!”. By making sure that the message matches the mailing, the goal of the mailing gains more ground. The curiousity of the reader is even more evoked because the mailing comes across as ellaborate, which will more likely result in customers. 


The sticker on the front of the bottle and the front-side of the card were used to get the message across. Furthermore, the back-side of the mailing featured all the information needed for the recipient to book an actual event hosted by the event planning agency. The Message in a Bottle invitation provides a lot of space for both information and images. Therefore, this mailing  is an interesting option for your message.

The above mentioned case really highlights the advantages of having a direct mailing product that matches the intention of your company. Take a look at our direct mail products to see which category would fit your message the most. Other examples would for instance be the Birdhouse mailing which is great for a sustainable message. The Pop-Up House amplifies the goal when companies are moving. Finally, the ChangeCard, for instance, works great to announce a new look for a product or service. 

Do you have any questions or are  you wondering which mailing would fit perfectly with your message? Feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you on your way.