Case Direct Mailing Endless Card Nutrilon

Once Nutricia launched their new Pronutura ADVANCE and Prosyneo baby formula they wanted an unique and surprising way to announce their launch. The Endless Card turned out to be the perfect fit. With their direct mailing they informed health care professionals of their innovative new product. The Endless Card offers the perfect tension build-up for a product release.

Endless Card Nutrilon Product Introduction

The easy fold-away system of the Turning Card gives the reader a bit of new information with every fold. In the end the mailing revealed the newly launched products. Furthermore, this particular Endless Card was accompanied by an postcard which the receiver could mail to receive futher information. The postcard was filled out with the contact information of the recipients in advance. Therefore, the post card could effortlessly be returned.

Design an Endless Card for your company

This Never Ending Card consists of four pages that can be altered to the needs of your company. Nutricia decided to reveal a bit of new information every fold, but you can alter this direct mailing any way you want. The Endless Card comes in many different sizes and even different shapes. Therefore, you can alter its appearance to fit your company’s style. 

The card is made out of 400 grams of sulfate cardboard. In addition, if you wish to ship the Endless Mailing as a direct mailing you can choose to develop the envelopes in full colour to fit your overall style. Moreover, because of our experience with direct mailings we can come-up with the perfect shipping options fit to your Endless Card. 

The Never Ending Card is one of the direct mailing options Locomail offers. Other direct mailings include our ChangeCard and Mini T-shirt. Most importantly, we offer many different direct mailing options to suit your company. Feel free to contact us about what options suit your message and company best. We would love help you on your way.