Case Direct Mailing TeleCard Efteling

HSF Logistics is the specialist in conditioned food technology. They have used our unique Telescopic extender as a VIP invitation for their company family day in the Efteling. The Efteling design for HSF Logistics is unique because the card is extended vertically instead of horizontally so it fits the theme of the Efteling. This way the card already creates an ambiance for the event!

Make endless variations just like the VIP invitation example

The Telescopic extender is an original direct mail that your company can use to inform clients or partners about your products and services. But also, like the VIP invitation example of HSF Logistics, to invite your VIPs for your companies’ event. Different from our other b2b invitations, the Telescopic extender is a card which can be extended by panels. This makes that the card has three more extra pages which also can be double-sided printed so there is even more space for the message you want to communicate. The Telescopic extender is when retracted 9×21 cm and when extended 9×65 cm long. This makes that every variation is possible with this direct mailer. Because of the panels there is more space to play with the graphic design. The VIP invitation example of the Efteling isn’t just an invitation, it also informs the employees of HSF Logistics about the day program of the event.


Interested in the Telescopic extender?

Do you have a company event or another event for which you need to send an invitation in the near future? Than the Telescopic extender is a great example for a VIP invitation for your company! The Telescopic extender is the most original invitation that guarantees surprised reactions from the receivers.

Are you curious about the endless possibilities the telescopic extender offers and what LocoMail can help you with? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our co-workers or to request a quotation. We’re always here to help create an original direct mail for your company.