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You might ask yourself: why choose dimensional mailing products? Dimensional mailing products impact performance. Perhaps you’ve already experienced how hard it is to get the interest for your mailing that you want. While other companies are still sending out flat mailings and e-mails, you can easily pass gatekeepers by sending dimensional direct mail.

Direct mailers with a dimensional format ensure a much higher attention value than regular postal items. It starts with the moment they open up the envelope: the card jumps out and your message literally comes in with a ‘bang’. Now you’ve already reached more than you probably would have had with a simple letter: the recipient opened up the envelope. The surprise effect makes the recipient curious and therefore he will take a closer look at the dimensional product.

Apart from these benefits, there are more ways to make your mailer a winner. In this blog, we will give you three tips for creating a successful dimensional mail campaign.

dimensional mailing products for velux

Be consistent

It is very important that your dimensional mailing product has a design that is consistent with your brand image. Use the same colour palette, layout and wording on a 3D mailer as on your traditional mail pieces. By choosing an additional full colour printed envelope for your dimensional mail piece you have even more space to show off your corporate branding. This ensures almost instant recognition with the recipient who is then more likely to open your dimensional mailer.

Make sure they share your dimensional mailing products

By opting for a remarkable dimensional mailing product you are aiming for a high attention value. Recipients are surprised when a flat mailer turns out to be a 3D mailing piece. Combined with creative communication and great visual support the mailing will impress the receivers. Your dimensional mailing campaign will be extra successful when the recipients show off the mailing to their colleagues or even friends, so add an element of which you are sure that it will catch the eye of the receivers!

A 3D mailer is also a lot more likely to stay in sight of the receiver. For example, include a calendar in the design or choose for a 3D mailer with pen holes. The mailer will not be thrown away but used instead.

penpot holder dimensional mailer


Last but definitely not least: follow up! This tip is very useful for companies that are sending dimensional mailers to warm up prospects. You made a great first step by sending out a striking and eye-catching 3D mailer and we all know you have to make hay while the sun shines. We recommend a term of two to three business days to do so. It is proven that dimensional mailing products have a much higher response rate, so it will be a lot easier to open up lines of communication with the recipients of the dimensional mailing.

We guarantee you that dimensional mailing products have a positive effect on both your company and the receivers. Browse trough our direct mail products and find your perfect dimensional mailing product. Should you have a particular product in mind but cannot find it on the website then please contact us. As we also develop custom mailers we surely can help you with creating a striking dimensional mailer for your organisation.