Direct Mailing Tips Effect

Are you looking for the best way to introduce a new product in your assortment? Or do you want to share an important message with your target audience in an original and striking way? A business event, staff party or a rehousing? A direct mailing is the perfect way to make an announcement or to use as B2B invitation. But how do you make sure that the direct mailing becomes a success? In this article we share some tips with you to create effective direct mail for your marketing purpose.

Tips effective direct mailing product

Tip 1. Choose a striking direct mail product

It is important to make sure that your direct mail will be the eye-catching one between other postal items. By doing this, the receivers of your DM will be way more interested in your direct mailing. Besides that, it also leads to a higher response rate. Our products create high attention value due to the original and unique surprise effects that they carry. Your target audience will be triggered to open the original direct mail, and this will cause a lasting message. Choosing the right effective mailing product is one thing, but the design of it is another important element. Make sure the design of the direct mail fits your corporate identity and the direct mail purpose.

Tip 2. Make sure your message find its way to your target audience

This tip may come across as obvious, but unfortunately it is forgotten quite (too) often. When you’re sending out direct mail to the marketing manager, you don’t want it to end up in the CEO’s bin. Therefore you should pay close attention to the address file. It is also important to keep your audience interest in mind while writing the content for the direct mail. You the message to be valuable to the receiver.

Tip 3. Get to the point

Be clear and direct in your content, to make sure that the direct mail is convincing and powerful. The receiver should know what you expect of want from him. When the direct mail begins with boring, general information, the receiver will stop reading the message within 10 second. Make your point in the first paragraph of the mailing.

Tip 4. Sell advantages and don’t sell aspects

When you are using direct mailing to sell a product or service, it is important to clearly mention what problem your product or service solves. For an effective direct mail, it is not enough to simply sum up what is perfect about the product or service. Make sure to inform the receiver about the relevance of the product or service. For example, mention the costs and time savings when using your product or service.

Tip 5. Don’t make your direct mail too long

Be brief and to the point. As mentioned in tip 3, you will lose your receivers’ attention when you share too much information. The first two sentences should invite the target audience to keep reading. Generally, an effective direct mail has no more content than half an A4.

Tip 6. Think about a striking header

A striking header is everything. You ‘lure’ your target audience with it. A striking header makes sure the receivers interest will be aroused and kept while opening the direct mail. For example, go with a full colour printed envelope with striking content. Not only will the direct mail be eye-catching between all the other postal items, the receiver will also be challenged to open the direct mail quickly.

Tip 7. Personalise your direct mail

Personalisation of your direct mail will cause personal interaction between you and the receiver. The receiver will feel special when you use an interactive mailer. Is the purpose of the direct mail to get a response from your target audience? Then it will help to be personal in your content to your receivers.

Tip 8. Readable and clear

A clear font can make the difference. Multiple styles and fonts can make the direct mail look messy and less effective. Make sure to write your content in a way that is pleasant for the receiver to read. Don’t be afraid that it will look less attractive: keep in mind that it is more important that your message reaches your target audience. For an effective direct mail, think about the font when writing the text. Besides the style and the font, the size of the font is also very important.

Tip 9. Use the DM to generate leads

An affective direct mailing evokes a high response rate. You can reach this trough multiple ways and channels. Therefore you should name as many channels as possible when you are writing a direct mail. For example, think about an e-mail address, website address, phone number, a reply card and the company’s social media accounts. Let the receiver decide via which way he of she wants to get in touch with your organisation.

Tip 10. Use visuals

Obviously, a company logo can be found on almost every direct mail product. Play with images, because visuals pull the attention of the target audience. For an effective direct mail you should balance written content and images. But this depends on the direct mail product as well: some products are more suitable for the use of images than others. Another thing to keep in mind is the resolution of the images. Grainy pictures downgrade the effectiveness and the professionalism of your direct mailing.

Do you have any questions about creating an effective direct mail? Or about the possibilities of our direct mail products for your organisation? Please do not hesitate to contact one of our employees.

We are happy to help you finding the right and most effective direct mail product for your company.