New size Pop up House in the shape of a chalet

De Bergjes is the biggest supplier of chalets and caravans in Europe. De Bergjes send this Chalet Pop-up House to their customers who bought a chalet. De Pop up Houses were send right after the chalet was delivered to the customer as a creative way of keeping them up to date as well as to thank them for their purchase. It is the perfect way to send a business direct mail that fits their services. The mailing is one of … Read More

Suitable marketing mailing for Alders Real Estate

Selling houses, that is what real estate agents do. But sending or receiving houses is something new! The Pop up House sent to people who are involved in Alders Real Estate. Alders Real Estate was nominated for the Best Real Estate Agent of the North of the Netherlands, for this purpose, they used the Pop up House as marketing mailing. Their strength and sale success involves the use of online marketing. A great example of this is this direct mailer. … Read More

Customisable invitations with entrance ticket

The small house for Stater is a great example of a customisable invitations. Not only is the Pop-up House totally customised, it also holds a special feature. Stater contacted us because they wanted to create an original invitation for their 20 year jubilee. Besides an original invitation they wanted to add a separate entrance ticket for their event to the mailing. To make sure that the entrance ticket looks like it is part of the direct mail items, an extra … Read More

Pop up House direct mailer for VEKA Holland

VEKA Holland used LocoMails Pop up House to introduce the Softline 82 NL to their prospects. Softline 82 NL is a sustainable and cost-effective window frame which is used to increase quality and save money. To introduce this system in an original way, VEKA sent out Pop up Houses. This mailer is perfectly in line with the products of VEKA Holland as it was possible to incorporate extra windows in the Pop up House. Strengths of the window frames are … Read More

Dimensional mailing products: the why and how

You might ask yourself: why choose dimensional mailing products? Dimensional mailing products impact performance. Perhaps you’ve already experienced how hard it is to get the interest for your mailing that you want. While other companies are still sending out flat mailings and e-mails, you can easily pass gatekeepers by sending dimensional direct mail. Direct mailers with a dimensional format ensure a much higher attention value than regular postal items. It starts with the moment they open up the envelope: the … Read More