Original Birthday and anniversary cards for businesses

When it comes to celebrating important milestones within a company, creating a memorable experience is essential. Sending standard e-mails or cards can sometimes fail to have the desired effect. It is time to embrace a new approach - original birthday and anniversary cards that strengthen the personal connection and increase employee and customer engagement!

Why are these maps important?

First, let's look at the effect of a personalised card. In a world where digital communication has become the norm, receiving a tangible card can make a striking impression. It shows care and attention to detail, which makes the recipient feel appreciated and recognised. Also, original birthday and anniversary cards add an element of surprise and creativity to the celebration. Whether it is a funny illustration, a personal message or even an element of surprise, the possibilities are endless.


Imagine an employee receiving a card on his birthday with a unique message, personally addressed to him. Or a customer who has been loyal to your company for years, send a card with a QR code that leads to a special discount offer. These small gestures can have a big impact and strengthen the relationship with the company. From now on, it is also possible to have a voucher code personalised in the card. For example, you can welcome every new customer with an automatically generated voucher for your shop. Feel free to take Contact with us to discuss the possibilities!

What is an appropriate map?

From a jumping cube to a extendable card, there are plenty of options available! Every LocoMail product has an eye-catching shape, feature or surprise effect. This ensures that your message really gets across. Look around our website and choose the direct mailing that best suits your party.

In short, original birthday and anniversary cards offer a unique opportunity to strengthen ties within a company and increase engagement. By embracing creativity and personalisation, you can leave a lasting impression on their employees and customers. So, what are you waiting for?