Original message in a BliQje

A look at the future, a canned message or a canned message. They all have one thing in common: these slogans have been used in combination with the BliQje. The BliQje is an original, chic but also an effective tool for a mailing. A direct mail with no standard shipping packaging but just a message in a tin!

The BliQje is available in various variants and can be used for many different purposes. As a give-away, moving card or as a marketing tool to draw attention to the opening of a new store. Have we aroused your curiosity? Request a sample of the BliQje and/or a quote.

Direct Mailing Sample Box
Locomail Mailing Quotation

Printed label on the front

Case Direct Mailing BliQje

The mailing in a tin has a full color printed label on the front. The label ensures that your mailing stands out among the mail.


Case Direct Mailing BliQje Pull Open

With the Pull open BliQje, the message is literally canned. The recipient of this mailing has to pull the tab to reveal the message. The insert card is inserted on the side (by means of a slot).

Slide open

Case Direct Mailing BliQje Slide Open

An original canned mailing. Slide the lid off the BliQje and your customer will find an insert card in this eye-catching mailing. This type of BliQje can also be filled with a small gift and can be reused.

Insert card (two rills)

Case Direct Mailing BliQje Types

The standard insert card is 135 mm by 172 mm. This can be scored twice so that the card is folded back to a zigzag format.

Insert card (one score)

Case Direct Mailing BliQje Invitation Ubbink

The insert card can also be scored once. The insert card is folded in half and inserted into this eye-catching mailing

Triptych (two rills)

Case Direct Mailing BliQje Card

The folding card has a different format. The card must be unfolded to see the full message.

Accordion ticket

Case Direct Mailing BliQje Card

The accordion card is unfolded 440 mm long and consists of five parts. Folded, the card is 88 mm by 120 mm. You can store a lot of information on this unique card.

Wrap BliQje

Case Direct Mailing Wrap BliQje

As an extra option we now offer this wrapper for the BliQje. The wrapper is unfolded 259 mm long and consists of six parts. When folded, the wrapper is 95 mm by 127 mm and 17 mm high. You can put a lot of extra information on this wrapper.


Direct Mailing Address

We can address your striking mailing. We can have the name and address details printed on the envelope at an additional cost. We leave it up to you whether you want to send the mailing yourself or via LocoMail.

Postage rate

Direct Mailing PostNL

If desired, we can send your eye-catching mailing. Depending on the product, quantity and lead time, we can determine which shipping service suits you best.

It is possible to supply your own design for the BliQje. You can request the layout files and work instructions by e-mail.
In the resealable BliQje this is possible up to max. 15mm high. A pack of chewing gum or a USB stick is no problem. Just keep in mind that the postage costs become more expensive as it is filled.
The BliQje can hold different cards. The standard card is A5, where you can choose a card with one or two rills. We can make the card up to max. 440mm long, it is provided with five grooves. Please note: when choosing a Pull Open you have less choice when it comes to the card, because it is inserted into the slot before sending.
Yes that is possible.
Both variants of BliQjes weigh between 50-100 grams.

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