Julianahoeve's traditional start of the camping season with a mailing from LocoMail!

The start of the camping season is always a special moment for the Julianahoeve. Every year, they surprise their guests with a creative invitation to the season's opening party. This year, they chose our unique Pop-up Slide Card, aptly titled 'Invitation in a Bottle'. Let's see how this tradition and the new card come together to create a festive opening!



Annual Tradition

Julianahoeve has a long tradition of sending invitation cards to celebrate the opening of the camping season. These cards are more than just an invitation; they are a symbol of the start of a new season full of fun, relaxation and adventure. Guests look forward to receiving this invitation every year, knowing that something special awaits them. Last year, Julianahoeve chose the 5 card, a mailing ideally suited to share a lot of information.

This year

For this year's season opening, Julianahoeve has chosen a unique and surprising approach with our Pop-up Slider card. This choice reflects their desire to always offer something new and exciting, while keeping their tradition alive. The front is beautifully designed with an illustration of a bottle post on the beach, which immediately evokes a sense of relaxation, perfectly suited to the camping season. As soon as the card is slid open, the bottle post pops up. A card then sprouts with all the details of the opening party, such as the date, time and location. Julianahoeve has also placed a QR code on the card, allowing guests to register.


The choice of the 'Invitation in a Bottle' Pop-up Slide Card shows how Julianahoeve stays true to their annual tradition and always manages to surprise their guests. This invitation was a preview of the opening party on 11 May and exceeded expectations. It was a blast!

Are you inspired by their approach and also want a unique invitation for your event? Contact us to find out how our mailings can make your invitations special!