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Slider Card with window as unique direct mail

The Slider Card with window is an original direct mailing. The special thing about the Slider Card is that it seems simple at first, but then expands by pulling the right panel. In addition, the window is a unique addition to this Sliding Card. By pulling the panel, new information appears in the window. The interpretation of this is up to you. The sliding card with window can be printed in full colour.

The Sliding Card arouses curiosity in the recipient. This new application is very suitable for explaining different and/or more information. You can not only store information on the sliding panel behind the window, but also on the front and back of the sliding card. The advantage of this direct mailing is that when you pull the panel, new information becomes visible behind the window, but the old information also remains visible. This striking direct mailing can be made in any desired format and used for various purposes.

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This unique sliding card can be printed in full color in its entirety. The Sliding Map can be made in any desired format. You can put information on both the front and back.

Slider Card with window

The unique thing about this Sliding Card is the window. You can always show new information here. This can also be adjusted to your own liking.


The Slider Card can be sent in different ways. You can send it without an envelope, so as a self-mailer. If you prefer an envelope or sealing for protection, we can also provide that.


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