Business mailing with impact that reinforces your message

Are you looking for a partner for business mailing or other purposes? Search no further! Every Locomail product has a striking shape, feature or surprise effect. This ensures that you really get the attention of your message. The response of your business mailing will be demonstrably higher compared to a digital message or a regular mail item. This is because, as we see from practice, the surprise effect creates a unique response and customer relationship!

LocoMail is your partner in developing unique and eye-catching direct mail. We have more than 20 years of experience. During that time, we have worked for both small and large companies unique mail catered. Examples include KLM and Coolblue!

We often get the question from practice: why invest in direct mail? That while we live in a digital age. The answer is correct in the previous sentence. Stand out by not using internet technology. As many as 56% of business mailing recipients carefully examine the content. For an email, that's only 7%! A significant difference. Another matching advantage that you get when you order from LocoMail is that you can already realize a unique mailing on a small scale (20 pieces). In addition, you can count on very fast delivery times and cheap postage costs for both at home and abroad.

Pop up Mailing: the number 1 direct mailing

We have a wide range of direct mailing, but our undisputed number 1 are our pop up mailing products. The product is ideal for business mailing, communication purposes and marketing promotion.

We offer different versions of our product, namely a pop-up house, a hexagon box or mega out of the box. It is also possible to use the products as a pen holder. This makes the product not only suitable for shipping, but also functional for the recipient's desk. A win-win situation!

We have the right pop-up mailing for every message. The combination of a unique message with a surprise effect ensures that your campaign is a success. Check out our pop-up products!

Creative direct mailings & gift vouchers

As we indicated, we have a wide range of unique and striking mailings, such as the jumping cube, striking self-mailers, real eye-catchers and much more. Over the years we dare to say with certainty that our products guarantee positive reactions! Did you know that our products can also be used for product introductions, event invitations or as an end-of-year email!

Custom concept development

We are not the only ones with unique ideas! Most likely you have a unique idea, but you are looking for the right partner to make your idea a reality. Fortunately, you've come to the right place. Our expertise also lies in custom concept development. Over the years we have been able to realize unique business mailing assignments for beautiful companies.

We are also happy to think along with you about the design of a successful mailing campaign or a nice gift voucher! Are you looking for inspiration? View our practical examples or request a free demo package. Do not hesitate to contact us for tailor-made advice!

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