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To give you a complete overview of all our products, we have combined all products on this page. View all products per category and click through to your favorite for more information. This page is very useful if you don't know exactly what you want yet. A clear overview where you get to know each category. Of course, some products are available in different sizes, please contact us.
“LocoMail is your trusted partner to outsource your original direct mail to. Your message, our medium!”

Pop-up Cube

Pop-up Cube

Pop-up Cube 90x90x90 mm

One of our most popular products: the Out of the Box in different sizes. Jump to meet you!

Pop-up Cube Pen Holder

Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cube Pen Holder

This Pop-up Cube offers you and your customer added value: it can be used as a pen holder.

Confetti card spring cube

Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Spring Cube Confetti

The cheerful confetti jumps out of the envelope, an extra festive effect for your business mailing.

Diamond card

Case Direct Mailing Hexagon Spring Cube

A pop up card in the shape of a diamond. Ideal for creating very cool visual displays.

Pop-up House

Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up House

The Pop Up House pops out of the envelope in the shape of a house. Shape the print yourself.

Pyramid Pop-up

Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Pyramid

A card that is already pyramiding out of its envelope. A striking shape with impact! LocoMail likes to think along with you.

Pen tray Hexagon

Case Direct Mailing Hexagon Pen Tray Style at Home

You can use this Direct Mail afterwards as a pen tray on your desk, a multifunctional card.


Case Direct Mailing Twisty Box

A special direct mail in the shape of a cube. The cube forms by turning the cube in the right direction!

Mini Pop-up Cube

Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Cube Mini

Not one but several small cubes jump out at you when you open the matching envelope. Completely in full color!

Turning Card

Turning Card

Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card

The infinite revolving card is a special mailing in which a new message can be shared on every level.

Turning Card Round

Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Round Folding Card

A Turning Card in a round formula gives an extra dynamism to this striking direct mailing

Turning Card Business Card

Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card

A Mini Turning Card in the shape of a business card. Your name will never be forgotten!

Custom Shape Folding Card

Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card

The unique method of the Turning Card is now also possible in every conceivable form.

Mailbox +

Mailbox+ with Mini Pop-up Cube

Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cube

This box creates a surprise effect because the three cubes jump out at the same time. You determine the printing yourself.

Mailbox+ with flap

Case Direct Mailing Mailbox box KLM

This box consists of letterbox+ with flap. Perfect for sending small gifts in a unique way!

Mailbox+ with flap and magnet

Case Direct Mailing Letterbox Box

This shipping box has a unique magnetic closure. You determine the content and design yourself!

Slider Cards

Sliding map tab

Case Direct Mailing Tab Slider Remeha

This map has 4 tabs for step-by-step messages. The card offers plenty of space for your message with an original effect.

Pull-out card Twin Slider

Case Direct Mailing Twin Slider Pull-out Card Oticon

Do you really want to surprise the recipient of your mailing? This mailing makes two panels appear with one smooth movement.

2 Hatch Slider Map

Case Direct Mailing 2 Hatch Card Rexroth

The 2 Liège Sliding Card has a nice surprise effect because the message is clearly visible after sliding the card open.


Case Direct Mailing MoveCard Zeiss

Pull the tab of the MoveCard and discover the information on the different pages, they turn automatically!

Wings Card

Case Direct Mailing WingsCard Effective

Recommended: card with a surprise effect. If you take it out of the envelope: two pages pop out of the sides.


Case Direct Mailing Telecard

You can fill not one, not two, but four double-sided printed pages with information for your message.

Slider Card Printer

Case Direct Mailing Sliding Card Canon

Pull the tab at the bottom of the Slide Card printer to reveal extra pages where extra information can be placed.

Tab Slider Map with Window

Case Direct Mailing Sliding Card Praxada

By pulling the panel, new information appears in the window. The interpretation of this is up to you.

Personalized Tabbed Slider Card

Case Direct Mailing Tab Slide Card

This special form of direct mailing gives you the solution for the lack of attention for your product/service!

Lock Slider Card

Case Direct Mailing Slide Card Mercedes

Pull the right panel of the Lock Slider card and discover the information on the left panel!

Slider Card with flap + window

Case Direct Mailing Slip Card

This sliding card can be printed in full colour! You can put a lot of information on it and it contains unique effects.



Case Direct Mailing ChangeCard Slat Card

ChangeCard direct mailing where the unique change image is immediately visible. Original and special!

Pop Up Card

Pop-up Card

Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card

The 2-dimensional image gives a striking effect! When opened, it unfolds and attracts attention.

Wobble card

Case Direct Mailing Wobble Card Samsung

A card that radiates a lot of joy! The most important element literally jumps out at you when you open the card.

Pop-up Slider card

Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Slide Card

Lots of communication space, the mailing can be printed in full color and ensures 100% attention!

2D Pop Up map with layers

Case Direct Mailing End of Year Mailing Christmas Pop Up Card ICsense

The different layers on this Pop Up card give this original and luxurious card a special depth.

Music Card with Sound

Pop Up Music Card with Sound

Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Music Card Cono

The Pop Up Music Card is an extra dimension to your Music Card. Get your message out!

Music card

Case Direct Mailing Music Card Qlimax Qdance

A square sound card with the same sound chip so that the quality of the sound remains perfect.

Triptych Music card

Case Direct Mailing Music Card Sound Storytel

he original LocoMail Music Card is a personal Direct Mail with a message that can be listened to!


Popcorn mailing

Case Direct Mailing Popcorn Bin Ubbink

Popcorn box on which your brand name will stand out. The surprising thing about this card is the content: a bag of corn kernels!

Puzzle Direct Mail

Case Direct Mailing Special Puzzle

The separate pieces of this Puzzle mailing give the recipient something to look forward to. Place the Puzzle and read the message.

5Card Self Mailer

Case Direct Mailing 5Card Self Mailer

A unique envelope in which you can put information on and in! The 5-Card can be printed on both sides and gives an extra dimension.

Mini T-Shirt Mailing

Case Direct Mailing Mini T Shirt

Looking for something other than a paper card like Direct Mail? A Mini T-Shirt with your own print will positively surprise everyone.

Birdhouse Direct Mail

Case Direct Mailing Special Birdhouse

All sides of this unique card can be printed, in which your house style can also be incorporated. A Unique 3D Direct Mail!

Message in a Bottle

Case Direct Mailing Special Bottle Mail

Not an envelope with a card that comes through the mail, but a special transparent Bottle Mail with a rolled-up card.


Case Direct Mailing BliQje

Direct Mail in the form of a silver-coloured BliQje containing a card. Different types available. A success!

Pocket Map

Case Direct Mailing Pocket Folder

The Pocket Map with a unique folding technique. The Pocket Map can be used as surprising promotional material.

Printed Parking disc

Case Direct Mailing Parking Disc

The Printed Parking Disc is very unique. All sides of the parking disc can be printed with your own design.

Book voucher

Case Direct Mailing Book Voucher Plusworks

This direct mail book voucher consists of a folder containing a pop-up cube as a surprise.

Beer Bottle Slider Card

Case Direct Mailing Sliding Card Duvel

The Beer Bottle Sliding Card is one of our custom made forms of the classic sliding card.