Case Direct Mailing Pull Tab Slider Card Houtkamp College

Original Pull-Tab Slider Card made for Houtkamp College

How do you make sure to stand out from your competitors as a very hands-on high school? The Houtkamp College in Doetinchem approached us for an original Pull-Tab Slider Card that could be used during the Open House days of the high school. Each tab presented the reader with new information concerning the key-values of the Houtkamp College. Therefore, it became clear to the reader what the school stands for and how things work there. The specifics and details of this mailing can be found in this blog.

Step-by-step story telling with the original Pull-Tab Slider Card

That the Houtkamp College made a fine decision by choosing the Pull-Tab Slider Card becomes evident from the profession look and feel of the mailing. Each separate tab highlights a different aspect of the high school. With the first tab the school sets out to create a bond between the school and the potential pupil. The second tab illustrates which areas of learning receive extra attention at the Houtkamp College. Thereafter, the third tab lets the reader know what a regular school day could look like and finally, the fourth addresses the parents. By approaching the reader in such a manner the reader becomes more enthusiastic with each tab.

The mailing is formatted in the style of the school and each page is printed in full color on both the front and the back. The mailing is made from 300 grams Silk MC. In this case the card was used to promote the school during the Open House days. The tabs slide easily in and out, which makes this card not only appealing to the eye but also the perfect attention grabber for the reader. Furthermore, the finishing layer of the paper guarantees a luxurious look.

The specifics for this card were as follows:

  • Mailing measurements: 148 x 210 x 3mm
  • Measurements once tabs are extended: 390 x 210 x 3mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Material: 300 grams Silk MC


Here at LocoMail we want to make sure that you pick the right kind of direct mail to get your message across to the target audience. Therefore, we are more than happy to help you pick a mailing product that suits your message. The original Pull-Tab Slider Card loans itself perfectly for step-by-step story telling and thus suited perfectly as supplement to the communication outings of the Houtkamp College during the Open House days. Nevertheless, the Pull-Tab Slider loans itself for a product introduction or ellaborate process description. Are you convinced that this might be just the type of mailing for you? Request a free sample or quotation. Still wondering which mailing might be best suited for your goal? Check our others direct mail products.