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Mailing with impact: Beer Bottle Slider Card

Looking for attention? This special form of direct mailing gives you the solution for the lack of attention for your product/service! The Beer Bottle Slider Card is one of our custom made forms of the classic slide card. A mailing with a unique format is the ideal way to ensure that the recipient will read the information. The sliding section in the middle of the card allows you to explain the product or service when this section is pulled out. It is printed in full color on both the front and back. You determine the imprint yourself. LocoMail guarantees you a mailing with a double impact! To get a better idea of the product, request a demo. Convinced? Request a quote without obligation and we will get to work for you.

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Size example

Case Direct Mailing Sliding Card Duvel

The Beer Bottle is fully customisable to your liking. To give you an idea of the dimensions of the example in the photo: 8cm wide, 21cm high and 2mm thick. The sliding window is 5cm wide and 7.6cm high.

Double-sided printing

Case Direct Mailing Sliding Card Duvel

Because a beer bottle is normally also printed all around, this card can also be printed on both sides. Including the sliding window!

Own shape?

Case Direct Mailing Sliding Card Duvel

Of course, this beer bottle is an example of one of the possible forms that the sliding map can take. A specially designed mailing always has a great impact and will hold the attention of the reader.


Direct Mailing Address

We can address your striking mailing. We can have the name and address details printed on the envelope at an additional cost. We leave it up to you whether you want to send the mailing yourself or via LocoMail.

Postage rate

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If desired, we can send your eye-catching mailing. Depending on the product, quantity and lead time, we can determine which shipping service suits you best.