Twin Sliders

Twin Sliders are a innovative form of direct mailing. When the recipient pulls the right panel, a hidden message unfolds, on both sides of the card. This makes the Twin Slider a unique and playful business mailing. The attention of the receiver is thereby pulled faster and held longer. There are several variants of this mailing available. Discover the form that suits you!

Enthusiastic about any of the Twin Sliders? Then feel free to contact us. It is also possible to request a sample and/or a quotation.

Direct Mailing Sample Box
Locomail Mailing Quotation

Twin Slider 157 x 100 mm

Case Direct Mailing Twin Slider Sliding Card De Haardt

This eye-catching direct mail can be printed in full colour on as many as six surfaces incl. the sleeve.

Twin Slider 200 x 130 mm

Case Direct Mailing Slider card Twin Slider XL

The Twin Slider 200 x 130 mm is also known as the Twin Slider XL, because of its large size!

Twin Slider 75 x 200 mm

Pull-out card twin slider 200x75 in own design half unfolded

The Twin Slider 75 x 200 mm is a variant of the "classic" Twin Slider.

Twin Slider with window

This Twin Slider includes a window, allowing more information to be shared than on the other Twin Sliders

Twin Slider with card holder

This Twin Slider contains a pass, which can be made up to your own design, just like the card itself.