Tab Cards

Looking for a suitable form of direct mailing? Then take a look at the Tab Cards! The Tab Card is a clear and straightforward shape of communication. This card is available is many variants, so there is sure to be one that suits your business. All variants contain more than enough room for all your information. For example, the Tab Card can be used to create a promote new line of products whether it sharing of other company information. This therefore makes the Tab card a suitable choice when it comes to direct mailing.

Enthusiastic about one or more Tab Cards? Then feel free to ask for a free sample and/or quotation!

Direct Mailing Sample Box
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Square Tab Card with 4 tabs

The Square Tab Card has more than enough space for your message due to its size and multiple tabs.

1 tab Tab card with window

This Tab Card is special in that it has a window! Also, it has one tab.

2 tabs Tab card with window

This is another variant of the Tab Card with window, however, it has 2 tabs to fill in!

Tab card with 4 tabs

Case Direct Mailing Tab Sliding card Remeha

This form of direct mailing can be printed in full colour on ten surfaces, including the sleeve. This makes the Tab Card with 4 tabs a unique form of communication.

Multi Tab Card with 6 tabs

Case Direct Mailing Tab Slide Card

The 6 tabs create extra space, so there is not only space on the front and back of this Tab card.

Tab card with flap

Case Direct Mailing Tabs Sliding Card George Fischer

This personalised Tab card contains unique effects that ensure the recipient's attention is held for a long time.

Tab card with flap and window

Case Direct Mailing Slip Card

This Tab card contains a flap, when you flip it open the card extends lengthwise.