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Gift card packaging

Personalized and custom made!

Looking for the perfect gift that not only surprises, but also leaves a lasting impression? Discover all our gift cards and gift voucher packaging, a unique way to give a gift card, with a fully customised design!

  • Remarkable and surprising
  • A real giving moment when handing over
  • Available with card or voucher code
  • Made entirely of durable material
  • From concept to production entirely in-house!

Choose between a handy card for your wallet or a printed credit code on the card itself. We make giving and receiving gift cards as flexible and personal as you like!

Pop-up Cube Gift Card Voucher small

Experience the power of our Pop-up Cube! With a handy size of 50 x 50 x 50 mm, the eye-catching cube pops out as soon as the recipient opens the packaging. The beauty of this gift card is that both the packaging, and the cube, can be fully printed. A cheerful wish, beautiful image or cooperating shops: everything fits on it in your own house style. (Unique) QR codes or voucher codes can also be incorporated. An original and impressive way to give a gift voucher!

Size: 5,12 x 3,54 x 0,12 inches
Weight per piece: 0,67 ounzes
With or without Eurolock, suitable for in-store displays

Twin Slider Gift Card Carrier

What a surprising way to give a gift card! With this special gift card, the recipient only has to pull the bottom and magically the card expands 2x! Ideal to accommodate extra information. With a handy lock at the top and an ideal packaging size, it becomes a handy gift card with special effect. Ideal for hanging in any shop. Discover the effective power of the little Twin Slider for yourself now and let your brand shine!

Size: 3,54 x 5,24 x 0,20 inches
Weight per piece: 1,02 ounzes
With or without Eurolock, suitable for in-store displays

Pop-up Slider Gift Card Voucher

Make your gift-giving moment special with our Pop-up Slide Card small. You give more than just a gift card, there is a surprise effect to this gift card! As soon as you slide open the card, a pop-up automatically appears, in a shape of your own choosing. That way it stands out even more! It's a clever way to give gift cards, but this card can also be hung in sets in shops thanks to the handy hook at the top. The personalised voucher code is incorporated directly into the card. Make giving gift vouchers extra special!

Size: 4,02 x 5,24 inches
Weight per piece: 0,44 ounzes
With or without Eurolock, suitable for in-store displays

Pop-up Cube Gift Card Voucher

With the Pop-up Cube, you can make your business stand out and surprise customers in a unique way. With its surprise effect and customised design, the Pop-up Cube is a powerful marketing tool that puts your brand in the spotlight. This cube jumps out of the envelope, giving ultimate long-lasting attention to this gift voucher. In addition to a beautiful design of both the packaging and the cube, the personalised voucher code is incorporated directly into the design.

Size:  4,06 x 7,28 x 0,16 inches
Weight per piece:  1,09 ounzes

Twin Slider Gift Card Holder

Discover our Twin Slider with card holder - the ideal direct mail for gift vouchers! With a compact size of 100 x 160 mm and a special card holder on the right-hand side, this card lends itself perfectly as suitable packaging for a card of value. Whether for customers, business associates or employees, the Twin Slider is the suitable direct mail for gift cards.

6,18 x 3,94 x 0,20 inches
Weight per piece: 
1,62 ounzes

Pop-up Slider Gift Card Voucher large

At first glance, this card looks like a normal A5 card, but it hides a surprising pop-up effect! Personalise the card in your own house style with a completely unique, eye-catching shape that literally pops up and add a gift voucher or voucher code. With this surprise, you create a unique gift that the recipient is sure to appreciate. Make an impression with the eye-catching Pop-up Slide Card A5 as a gift voucher!

Size:  5,85 x 8,28 inches
Weight per piece:  0,99 ounzes