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BliQje Karcher

Personalized and custom made!

Personalized Gift Card packaging with a special appearance. At LocoMail we know what to do with this. Choose one of the packaging options and work with us for a unique product. In addition, the gift card can be packaged in various ways. The gift card can also be produced sustainably with our products. You can choose whether you want the personalized gift card to be part of the card, or whether you want to add a separate, plastic gift card. LocoMail has a unique design for both options. The nice thing about this Personalized Gift Card Packaging is the fact that you surprise the recipient with the special and personalized look.

Direct Mailing Sample Box
Locomail Mailing Quotation

Gift box

Case Direct Mailing End of Year Mailing Christmas Gift Box

An original box that can be opened by pulling up the lid. An original way of giving a gift card.

Twinslider gift card

Case Direct Mailing Twin Slider Gift Card

This customizable card extends on both sides. Place a gift card in one of the 'slides' and personalize this card in full colour.

BliQje gift card packaging

Case Direct Mailing BliQje Kärcher

A personalized Slide open BliQje that can be reused. With a gift card and a small attention as a surprise in the BliQje Karcher.

Mini Out of the Box gift card

Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Cube Gift Certificate

Three little cubes popping out of the envelope! There will be information on each cube and your gift card is complete! Interested? Click quickly!

Jumping cube gift voucher

Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Gift voucher Coolblue

A cube that pops out of the envelope after opening with tear strip. The cube can contain a code, or a card with the code on it.