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Direct Mail is the way to get your message across! Mass communication via e-mail, most likely you will recognize it. Easy to send, but anything but effective! Because how often do you open and read an e-mail carefully? Few! That's the complete opposite of direct mail. You offer something tangible, so that the recipient is eligible at least once with your message, company or company name! This creates a stronger bond than sending a digital email.

By means of our creative and unique products, with a surprise effect, you ensure that your message gets across. For example: take a look at our pop up cube, which can serve as a pen holder. As a result, the recipient is continuously reminded of your message and/or company.

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Mailbox +

Case Direct Mailing Letterbox Box

The Mailbox+ is available in different designs to ensure that your message is the best it can be.

Pop-up Cube small

The Pop-up Cube, also known as the Out of the Box Card, is a striking Pop-up mailing with which you can surprise your target group in a positive way.


The ChangeCard, a self-mailer of light weight, which makes it an interesting direct mail to send and to spread your message with.

Music Card

This original card looks pretty normal from the outside but beware! This direct mail consists of four pages, with each fold revealing a new message.

Pop-up Card

The 2-dimensional image gives a striking effect. When opened, it unfolds like a mega card and thus ensures a high attention value.

Turning Card

This original card looks pretty normal from the outside but beware! This direct mail consists of four pages, with each fold revealing a new message.

Slider Card

Slider Cards contain unique effects that help hold the recipient's attention longer. Fully customizable!


A card like no other, you will find it in our Specials Direct Mail products. Think, puzzles, Bottle Post, Bliqje and many more products to get noticed.

Lenticular Cards

Lenticular Cards are available in different shapes and sizes, but if you have your own ideas, we can help with that too.

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Products that impress

Through our many years of experience and our wide range, we have realized unique products over the years. Realize a unique Mailbox+, Pop-up Cube, ChangeCard, Sound Card, Pop-up Card, Turning Card and more. Because we have unique products, together we ensure that your direct mail is a success.

People see an average of 2900 marketing communications per day. Much of this is digital. The trick is to think 'out of the box'. LocoMail is therefore the specialist in unique direct mail!

One tip: personalize

We like to proactively think along with you. If you really want your direct mail campaign to be a success, we advise you to personalize your message where possible. This ensures that your 'campaign' performs optimally. We have also seen several times in practice that personalization has a positive impact on your direct mailing. With our knowledge and experience we are happy to help you with this, because personalizing incorrectly has a counterproductive effect!

Our specialists work with you to ensure that your message, house style and design are in line with your wishes. Making your direct mail recognizable and original.

About LocoMail

LocoMail has been the developer and manufacturer of eye-catching direct mail products for more than 20 years. LocoMail's creative solutions are characterised by their unique surprise effect and double impact. By choosing an eye-catching mailing, you are guaranteed to get noticed by your customer. Advantages of choosing LocoMail? Fast communication, options from 20 pieces, fastest delivery, low postage at home and abroad. LocoMail direct mail is applicable for numerous marketing and communication purposes.

Have we aroused your interest? And would you like to see and experience our creative direct mail in real life? Request free samples of our direct mail! Do you have any questions or would you like more information about the possibilities? Then please contact one of the employees. They are flexible, reliable and like to think along with you to set up a successful mailing.

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