Case Direct Mailing Rotary card Boom Verweij FNV

We are already convinced that the Turning Card is the perfect Never Ending Card direct mail. But today we want to discuss the Boom + Verweij case because they got a special version of this direct mailer. They decided to go for the round option of the endless card, which has the same properties but looks even more impressive. The card works just the same as the square option, however, the round version is a real eye-catcher.

Boom Verweij FNV Never Ending Card Direct Mail Round

Never Ending Card Direct Mail for FNV Promotion

Boom + Verweij supplied the artwork for this mailing themselves. That is one of their areas of expertise. In this case our experience with printing and assembling the Never Ending Card direct mail has been applied to compliment their services. The end product has been used for promotion by the FNV. Every fold informs the reader even further on the core mission of this union trade and how they could be beneficial to the reader. 

The specifics of this mailing were as follows:

  • Card diameter: 150mm
  • Material: 400 grams sulphate cardboard, laminated on one side
  • Weight: 15g

Surprising Direct Mailings

At LocoMail we are specialized in unique direct mailing products. The Endless Card direct mail is one of our many different products. The surprise effect of this Turning Card lends itself perfectly for telling a story step by step or for revealing something gradually. Feel free to check our other direct mail products. That way it is easier to decide which type of mailing fits your purpose the best. Interested in the round Never Ending Card? Request a free sample to see or request a free quotation. We would be more than happy to help you find the perfect mailing.