Lenticular Cards

Discover the unique power of Lenticular Cards, a special form of business communication that allows you to surprise your target audience in a positive way. These cards have cool visual effects that we create with clever software. Think of changing images, moving effects and even a 3D depth, making your message really stand out. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes for our cards. Do you have your own ideas? We are ready to help you and create something unique together. At LocoMail, we aim to make these eye-catching cards accessible to all, with a minimum print run of only 20 pieces and a fast delivery time!
Direct Mailing Sample Box
Locomail Mailing Quotation

Lenticular Pop-up jumping cube

The Lenticular Pop-up Cube contains 6 surfaces, one of which has a changeable image effect, which can be made entirely to your own design.

Lenticular A5

This Lenticular card is a full-colour A5 card that is sure to catch the attention of the recipient. It can also come with an envelope of your own design.

Lenticular Pop-up

This mailing has a unique lenticular pop-up. Feel free to contact us to see if your idea can be implemented!

Why use direct mailing?

We often get the question from practice: why invest in direct mail? That while we live in a digital age. The answer is correct in the previous sentence. Stand out by not using internet technology. As many as 56% of business mailing recipients carefully examine the content. For an email, that's only 7%! A significant difference. Another matching advantage that you get when you order from LocoMail is that you can already realize a unique mailing on a small scale (20 pieces). In addition, you can count on very fast delivery times and cheap postage costs for both at home and abroad.