Funny team outing invitation

You have to see this funny invitation for a team outing

A team outing is quite underestimated these days. This also includes the funny team outing invitation that can be linked to it. A team outing not only ensures team building in the workplace, employees can also get to know each other outside of work. After all, just as important. We would be happy to tell you more about our invitation options.

Popup cube

Funny invitation team outing with the pop-up cube

A team outing starts from the moment the invitation is sent. From that moment on, you can look forward to the relevant date. Fortunately, we have the solution for you, namely ours pop up cubes. The name says it all… The cube actually pops out of the packaging. In addition, the cube can be fully personalized in your house style, among other things. Write your nice invitation on it, perhaps a riddle about the activity and any comments. You will find the total picture for a funny invitation team outing with our pop-up cube.

Change card

With our change card you can actually put your candidates to the puzzle. On our changecard page there is a video where you can see what you can expect. You can include your invitation on one part of the card and a moving riddle on the other card. This makes it possible to really look forward to the staff outing. Let your creativity run wild and create a funny team outing invitation that will not soon be forgotten.



Different than the rest. Does that appeal to you? Then our specials really something for you and especially the puzzle invitation. Invite your prospects by letting them put the puzzle together. This not only makes the receiver active by having the puzzle put together. There is also something to chat about on the work floor about what the activity could be. We think the time for standard invitations is over. The world is modern and creative and we like to go along with it. You too?

Our cases and sample box

Many great customers have preceded you, such as KLM. It is not for nothing that we have many cases on our website. This allows you to get inspired. Would you like to get a little more 'feel' with our service in advance? Then request one for free sample box On. This allows you to see whether our service meets your expectations. So that the entire experience around the funny invitation team outing is what you are looking for.