pop-up house ABZ Diervoeding

You send a striking direct mailing with a pop-up house, because it immediately catches the eye of the recipient. The pop-up house can be designed according to your own wishes, so that it reinforces the message. You can, for example, use the pop-up mailing for a move notice, the opening of a new branch or information about the housing market. You can read in this blog how ABZ Diervoeding used this direct mailing together with De Cooperation.

Out alive and kicking!

It pop up house by ABZanimal nutrition is produced in the form of a stable. This was chosen because the direct mailing serves as an invitation for the stable days. In addition, the theme of these stable days, ''Bringing out alive!'', also fits in perfectly with the mailing. The card immediately jumps into the air when the envelope is opened.  

During the stable days, workshops are given that deal with the transition from the stable season to the grazing season. All information about these workshops is described in the inside of the double-sided full color envelope. This way there is enough space to process all the information you want to convey in the direct mailing.

pop up house

The possibilities of the pop-up house

The jumping effect immediately draws the recipient's attention. The pop-up mailing is not only available in the form of a house, but also, for example, in the form of a pyramid or a diamond. Whichever form you choose: with a pop-up mailing you ensure that your message will be well received by the target group. If desired, we can address and send the mailing for you.  

pop up house

Use a pop-up house yourself to reach your target group? Then request a no-obligation quote quotation to or request one sample box on. We are happy to help you make the best choice via contact@locomail.nl or 030 – 26 18 086.