Quantes Grafimedia uses LocoMail's Changecard to introduce Blijdorp Zoo's mission and vision.

In the world of graphic media, standing out and making an impact is essential. Quantes Grafimedia understood this perfectly when they set to work on an assignment for Blijdorp Zoo. One of the Netherlands' best-loved zoos. Their goal? Not only to communicate Diergaarde Blijdorp's sharpened mission and vision, but also to attract and retain attention.

With this challenge in mind, Quantes Grafimedia strived to create a mailing that conveyed Diergaarde Blijdorp's core message in an original way. They chose LocoMail's innovative Changecard, also known as the change-image effect card. This card offers the possibility of displaying dynamic images, which fitted perfectly with the purpose of the mailing: outlining Diergaarde Blijdorp's course up to the year 2050.

The mission and vision of Blijdorp Zoo was summed up in the slogan "Experience, Protect, Blijdorp". This reflected not only their deeply lived sense of responsibility to the world, but also the realisation that species conservation and nature restoration are their most important goals. The Changecard was the ideal way to convey this message. In which the recipient was engaged through the surprising changecard effect.

To add even more depth to the message, Quantes Grafimedia placed a QR code on the back of the mailing. Scanning this code led the recipient to a special landing page. Here, more information could be found about Blijdorp Zoo's new mission and vision and a link to the "total master plan".

The result? An impactful mailing that not only attracted attention, but also communicated the mission and vision of Blijdorp Zoo in an engaging and memorable way. Thanks to the collaboration between Quantes Grafimedia and LocoMail, the message "Experience, Protect, Blijdorp" was brought to life. It also bridged the digital and physical worlds.

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