Pull-Tab Slider Card: Unique Mailing with 4 Seperate Tabs

The Pull-Tab Slider Card is an original mailing that uses four different tabs which lend themselves for providing extra information. What makes this direct mail product extraordinary is the fact that it appears to quite small, but once the tabs are extended the mailer becomes a powerful tool for spreading information. The information supplied on the tabs is entirely up to you. The mailing has ten full-colour printable planes, including the sleeve.

These Slider Cards appeal to the curiosity of the reader. This innovative card is very suitable to address different types of information. Because of the four tabs the card perfectly lends itself for step-wise storytelling. Furthermore, the different tabs provide a lot of extra space for you message. Looking for a unique way to get your message across, but also in need of a lot of room? Look no further!

Pull-Tab Slider Card

Pull-Tab Slider Card front view

The original Slider Card can be fully printed in full colour. Once finished the product measurements are as follows: 148x210x3mm. The tabs themselves measure 128x170mm once fully extended. Which brings the measurements of the fully extended card to: 390x210x3mm. This mailer does not come with an envelope.


Pull-Tab Slider Card Tabs

The card has four tabs that can be printed on both sides. This provides you with plenty of room for the message your company wants to get across. Because the tabs are put above one another they lend themselves perfectly for step-wise storytelling.


Pull-Tab Slider Card Sliding

The sliding of the mailing works perfectly because the entire card is tuned to this special effect. Therefore, the reader can fully enjoy the special effect of this mailing without any hassle. The back of the mailing could be used to provide the contact information of your business.


Optional we can address your remarkable mailing. Against an additional charge we can print the name and address details on the envelope. You can decide whether you want to send the mailing yourself or if you would like us to send the mailing for you.

Shipping Costs

If desired, we can send the mailing directly to your clients. Depending on the product, quantity and processing time we will examine which delivery service suits best.

Is it possible to come-up with our own design for the Pull-Tab Slider Card?
Yes, this is possible. Send us an email to receive the lay-out files and instructions.

Do the tabs slide back into the card if desired?
This is possible, therefore the special effect of this mailing can be enjoyed over and over again.

What material is used to make the Pull-Tab Slider Card?
The mailing is made-up of 300 grams Silk MC.

How much does the mailing weigh?
The Pull-Tab Slider Card weighs 80 grams.

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