Case Direct Mailing Sliding Card Tabs

The Slide card with flap and tabs is the perfect direct mailing to use as a promotional card. George Fischer used the sliding card to advertise their company. This direct mail consists of a Slider Card with cover and when you open it, even more information appears. In addition, this sliding card has no fewer than four tabs. The advertising card is printed in full color and makes playful use of text and images.

advertising card

This Sliding Card can be printed in full color on all surfaces. This Sliding Card contains a flap, when you open it, the card extends in length. The design has been continued on this Sliding Card, so that the card remains one whole. The lower part of the Sliding Map contains no less than 4 tabs. When you pull the tab, a new panel appears with new information. This can be printed on both the front and back. The tabs are extended in line with the card and therefore have a lot of space for your (communication) message.

The advantage of this advertising card is that you can put information on every tab and side of this card. Use this to explain USPs, for example. Or for introducing a new product. You can go in any direction with this direct mail. The interpretation of this is entirely up to you.

advertising card

The dimensions of this sliding card are without extended tabs and when folded: 15 cm long and 21 cm wide. The Sliding Map is unfolded: 29 cm long and 21 cm wide. The tabs are 13 cm long and 15 cm wide.

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