Case Direct Mailing Pull Tab Slider Card Houtkamp College

As an entrepreneurial school, how do you make sure you stand out from your competitors? Houtkamp College in Doetinchem approached us for an original Tab Sliding Card mailing to be used during its open days. On each tab, more information was revealed about the spearheads of Houtkamp College. This gives the reader a clear overview of the school and its vision. You can read the specifications and details of this mailing here.

Tab Slide map Houtkamp College

Step-by-step storytelling with the original Tab Slide Card Mailing

That Houtkamp College made a good choice in terms of mailing is evident from the professional look of the mailing. Each tab explains an aspect of the secondary school. The first tab establishes a connection between the school and the potential student. The second tab then explains the areas in which the school places extra attention. This is followed by a situation of a regular school day and, finally, parents are addressed. By framing the mailing in this way, each tab makes the reader more enthusiastic about the school.

The mailing is completely designed in the style of Houtkamp College and each page is printed in full-colour on the front and back. The card is made of 300 gsm Silk MC and was used in this case to promote the school on open days. The tabs slide in and out easily, making this mailing not only look attractive, but also quite capable of holding the reader's attention. In addition, the finish of the paper creates a luxurious look.


  • Card size: 148 x 210 x 3mm.
  • Size when tabs extended: 390 x 210 x 3mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Material: 300-gram Silk MC


At LocoMail, we think it's important that you get the right kind of direct mail choose to convey your message. Hence, we are happy to think with you about the possibilities. The original Tab Slide Card mailing lends itself perfectly to step-by-step narration and could therefore be used well as a communication tool during Houtkamp College's open days. In addition, the Sliding map tab be perfect for a product launch or a comprehensive briefing. Are you convinced of the usefulness of this original card? Then request a free demo pack or quotation to. Still in doubt whether this mailing is suitable for your message? Then take a look at our other mailing products.