The Rectangular Pop up Card as effective direct mailing

A deviating size of the popular Pop up Card is this Rectangular Pop up mailing. The rectangular Pop up provides you with some extra space for your communication message, in comparison to the normal Pop up Card. However, the Pop up mechanism is the same. Therefore, this rectangular mailing has the same surprise effect as the Pop up Card!

The surfaces of the Rectangular Pop up measure 8 by 11 centimeters. Each surface can be printed full colour in your own design. Information and images, this direct mailing provides you with enough space to create a striking mailing. The envelope, that measures 11 by 16 centimeters, can also be printed full colour in your own design. Below, you find more information about the different options for this Pop up Card 80×110.

The Rectangular pop up mailing comes with a special envelope that enables the pop up mailing to jump out of the envelope. There are three sorts of envelopes to choose from: an envelope with tear stripe, and envelope with tear stripe and window and an re-sealable envelope. No matter the type of envelope you choose, generally speaking, a blanc envelope will be provided.

Would you like the envelope to be printed in the same style as your mailing? That is possible as well. Against an additional charge, the envelope can also be printed full colour. Why choose a full colour printed envelope? This will guarantee that your mailing stands out between all other postal items! Do you need more space for your communication message? Than choose to print the envelope in full colour double-sided. You will not only have more space for your message, it also completes the mailing.


Mailbox possibility of the Rectangular Pop up

Add a mailbox to your Pop up Card. Strike the attention of visitors at an exhibition or use the mailing as a brainstorm box with clients or employees.

Re-sealable envelope

Rectangular Pop up Re-sealable envelope

A re-sealable envelope. Choosing this envelope, gives the receiver the opportunity to experience the surprise effect of the mailing over and over again.

Full colour printed envelope

Rectangular Pop up Mailing in full colour envelope

Would you like a mailing that stands out between the other postal items? Choose a full colour printed envelope! The envelope will be printed full colour in your own design.

Blank envelope

Envelope detail budget idea Rectangular Pop up

The type of envelope that comes with the Rectangular Pop up mailing is a blank envelope with tear stripe.

Window envelope

Rectangluar Pop up in window envelope

Would you like to personalize your envelop or Pop up mailing? Than choose an envelope with window and tear stripe. The name and address details can be printed directly on the cube or on a, additional insert card.

Additional card

Direct mailing Rectangular Pop up with additional card

It is also possible to add an additional card (110 by 160 mm) to the envelope. The additional card gives you the option to add more information for your customers.

Double-sided FC envelope

Rectangular Pop up envelope two-sided printed

Do you need some extra space for your communication message? Than choose to let the envelope be printed double-sided! This way, you can also utilize the space on the inside of the envelope.


Additional letter added to the Rectangular Pop Up mailing

Adding a letter is a great solution when you want to include a special message! The letter can be printed on one, or both sides.


Adressing this direct mail product

Optional we can address your remarkable mailing. Against an additional charge we can print the name and address details on the envelope. You can decide whether you want to send the mailing yourself or if you would like us to send the mailing for you.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs of this direct mail product

If desired, we can send the mailing directly to your clients. Depending on the product, quantity and processing time we will examine which delivery service suits best.

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