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Slat card as an effective direct mail product

Are you or the company you work for going to announce something big soon? And are you looking for a direct mail that can support you in this? LocoMail has the solution. The Lamellenkaart has been the most effective direct mail for years if you want to share special news. The slats ensure that you can, for example, display the old and the new situation by means of two images, and therefore have a real surprise effect. After opening the map with slats, you will first see the old situation.

Through to the ChangeCard you gradually see the new situation appear because the slats shift. Frequently used purposes for which the Lamella cards are used are to change house style, as a striking moving card, during a renovation, for the introduction of a new product and as a striking Christmas card.

Examples of Lamella cards

The possibilities for your Lamellenkaart

The Lamellenkaart has many advantages: this eye-catching direct mail can be fully adapted to your own wishes, the card with lamellae offers enough space to process all your communications, plus the card is lightweight. This allows you to save on postage costs. Choose a slat card and we guarantee that you will receive a quality product.

Do you have any questions about the possibilities of the Lamellenkaart? Then please contact our employees. They are happy to think along with you to set up a successful direct mail. If you want to experience the unique surprise effect of the Lamella cards yourself, we offer the possibility to receive a free sample. You can request this on the product page of the Lamellenkaart.

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