Case Direct Mailing ChangeCard Slat Card Message

Snoeks Automotive has ordered an original direct marketing message from us, on the ChangeCard as a product. They have chosen to use the card completely visually as a Christmas and New Year's mailing. It is clear on the front that the direct mailing van Snoeks Automotive comes from, because they present the logo on packaged (Christmas) boxes. As soon as the recipient opens the card, he or she sees a street scene with an open trunk of a delivery van. In the van hangs a Santa suit and a bag of presents. Reindeer walking outside. This is the total Christmas image and people are looking at it. As soon as you grab the tab on the side and slide it out, 2016 comes into view as text and the Santa suit changes to a tuxedo, the bag of presents changes to a bowl of champagne, champagne glasses and says Happy New Year. Outside, the reindeer turn into fireworks that people then watch. The clock is at 00:00 and shows the new year.

Original direct marketing message for different purposes

The change of the ChangeCard clearly indicates why this card has been used as a direct marketing product. This is also the intention of the ChangeCard, the message must come across immediately and must encourage action. For example, if you are using it to inform about a new website, it would be nice to show the change of the website that will make the recipient go to the website to see how much it has changed. You can also announce a new product or new location, you name it. You can use the ChangeCard for different purposes, there are many possibilities.

ChangeCard for your direct marketing?

Have you become enthusiastic about what Snoeks Automotive has done with the ChangeCard? It is also possible to use the ChangeCard for your original direct marketing message. Request the layout files of the ChangeCard and format your message in your company's house style. If you want more information about prices, request a quote with the number of pieces you want to order. You can also request a demo package if you want to experience a tangible example, we will send you a sample.