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Oticon is an international organization in the field of hearing solutions. Oticon's mission statement is as follows: “Helping people with hearing loss unlock their full potential as they live the lives they choose, with the hearing they have.” Everything they do is based on their 'People First' way of thinking and working. It is clear that Oticon is progressive when it comes to customer needs and wishes. Now they have launched a new innovative product: the Oticon Opn™. LocoMail has a suitable for the introduction of this direct mail design, both in Dutch and in Italian.

Direct Mail design as reinforcement of the message

Hearing care has taken on a new dimension with Oticon Opn™. Previously, hearing aids only focused on one speaker, so a lot of information was lost. The Oticon Opn™ does not exclude speakers. The wearers of this device therefore do not have to worry about information that they do not receive. From now on, the hearing impaired will be involved in the entire conversation. LocoMail developed a suitable solution to also introduce the Italian suppliers of the Oticon brand to this important development ChangeCard.


LocoMails Changecard is a good one direct mail example of how a message can be strengthened by using original mailing. On the outside, the ChangeCard looks like an ordinary card, but pulling the tab changes the image shown on the inside. The first image the suppliers see is the "old world" image of the hearing impaired. The tab is then pulled, so that a new image is shown with a slat effect: that of the 'new world' of the hearing impaired. This act reinforces the message of the change. This makes the ChangeCard an ideal direct mail design for introducing a new product, reporting a move or announcing a name change.

Design in different language versions possible

Oticon has more than 3,000 employees in 100 countries. In order to also inform the Italian suppliers of the new technology, the ChangeCard has also been drawn up in Italian. We are able to produce several language variants in collaboration with the client. LocoMail likes to contribute to the internationalization of your company, or to serving your international customers. Both the ChangeCard itself and the cover can be completely designed in your house style. If you require multiple language versions, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.