Case Direct Mailing Sliding Card Promic


A striking sliding card with a striking message: the introduction of the new logo for Promic. This striking sliding card produced for Promic has a mysterious appearance. On the front of the mailing, the logo is partly hidden under orange 'smoke'. The fresh orange in combination with the white background guarantees that the mailing will stand out. The address is processed on the back of the mailing. By processing the address data directly on the cover, this self-mailer saves on postage costs.

When opening the cover of the ChangeCard, the theme remains mysterious. The white background has been replaced by a dark background, and spotlights have now been added to the smoke element. An introductory text and an explanation of the change of the logo can be found on the left inside. You can also find contact details on this page.

The effect takes place on the right inner side; the old logo is presented on the original face of the slats. When the tab is pulled, it changes into a smooth transition, into the new logo. To add extra force to the change, the surrounding space has been graphically responded to; all spots are aimed at the interplay effect.

change card-promic

Would you also like to use a striking sliding card?

Are you also planning a renewal of your logo, or is your company name changing? Use this eye-catching slide card to visually represent the change. The ChangeCard suitable. The Swap Image section allows you to visually display each message. The striking sliding card is a real attention grabber!

Do you have any questions about how you can best use the eye-catching sliding card in combination with your marketing and/or communication message? Do not hesitate to contact one of our employees. They are happy to think along with you to set up a successful mailing. If you are still unsure whether the striking sliding card is suitable for your message, take a look at our entire range direct mail Products. You may find a product here that fits your message better.