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Pop-up Cube 100x100x100 mm

Spice up your message with our Pop-up Cube 100x100x100 mm, a extended version of our bestseller with more room for impact! Each of the six faces accommodates images and text, printed in full colour with your unique design. This special direct mail jumps also from the envelope, immediately attracting attention and making the recipient curious about the message.

Enthusiastic about the Pop-up Cube 100x100x100 mm? Then request a free sample and/or quotation now!

Pop-up Cube 100x100x100 mm
Locomail Mailing Quotation
Direct Mailing Sample Box

Insert card

Pop-up Cube 100x100x100 mm Insert card

Looking for even more space for your message? Then add an insert card to accommodate all your information!

Full color

Pop-up Cube 100x100x100 mm Full Colour

This Pop-up Cube can be packaged in a full-colour printed envelope. This way, not only the Cube, but also the envelope is completely in your own style!


Pop-up Cube 100x100x100 mm Blank

If you do not want your own design envelope, it is also possible to just get a blank envelope with this mailing.


Direct Mailing Address

We can address your striking mailing. We can have the name and address details printed on the envelope at an additional cost. We leave it up to you whether you want to send the mailing yourself or via LocoMail.

Postage rate

Direct Mailing PostNL

If desired, we can send your eye-catching mailing. Depending on the product, quantity and lead time, we can determine which shipping service suits you best.

It is possible to supply your own design for the Out of the Box. You can request the layout files and work instructions by e-mail.
That depends on the format. The envelope is specially made for the cube. It is possible to add an insert card or a letter to the envelope.
Choose a resealable envelope, in which your customers can pack the box back.
Both the box and envelope are produced on 300 grams, high-quality, sulphate cardboard.
The box weighs between 30-40 grams.

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Custom made Out of the Box Card

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Tabloo uses Pop-up box with pen holes to inform schools
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Tabloo uses Pop-up box with pen holes to inform schools

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