FAKE Custom Made Out of the Box Card

How do you inform an organization of a new annual plan, without this becoming a long and boring story? With a striking direct mailing you attract the attention of the recipient, so that the message is conveyed properly. This is what NEP has put into practice with a playful variant of the Custom Made Out of the Box card. They have cast this direct mailing in the shape of a truck.

Case NEP

FAKE provides international clients with technology, people and knowledge to produce major events and make them visible to a global audience. With the direct mailing, they want to look back on the past year and invite colleagues to complete a survey with ideas and tips for the 2022 annual plan.

The Custom Made Out of the Box card is made in the shape of NEP's television registration trucks (size 11x11x21 cm). These are used for transporting television recording equipment. The envelope of the direct mailing is multifunctional. One side contains all textual information and the other side is designed as a road, so that the truck can be parked on it.

FAKE Custom Made Out of the Box Card

Practical information

1050 pieces of this direct mailing were developed, produced and sent, all within one week. The direct mailing is very effective because it includes the following aspects:

  • Double-sided printed envelope, for as much information as possible and multifunctional use
  • Also designed recesses in the envelope, so that the truck can stand on it as a display
  • The direct mailing contains confetti, which immediately attracts the attention of the recipient when opening the envelope
FAKE Custom Made Out of the Box Card

In addition to this form of the Custom Made Out of the Box card, there are many more options. Think of different sizes, shapes and envelopes. View the overview of the different popup mailings. It is also possible to have one sample box or a quotation to request a direct mailing of your choice.