Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Box Pen Tray Tabloo

Tabloo, a visitor and meeting center in Antwerp, sent our Pop-up box with pin holes to inform schools. In this case we explain which choices they have made for this direct mailing and what the options are.


In the summer of 2021, Isotopolis will close its doors. It will be replaced by Tabloo, the new visitor center on radioactivity and radioactive waste. Because this center is an interesting place for class outings, Tabloo sent our Pop up box to schools. The aim was to inform them about the new visitor and meeting centre. The Pop-up box is an envelope with a card that deforms into a cube and jumps up when the envelope is opened. The jumping up of the cube creates a surprise effect and holds the attention completely with this direct mail product.

Tabloo chose ours Pop-up box with pin holes. This is a cube with six faces of 9 x 9 centimetres, the top face of which contains eight pin holes. This direct mail can be used as a pen holder and is therefore multifunctional! In addition to the cube, Tabloo's envelope also contained a letter with information about Tabloo and their expo. In addition to a letter, you can also opt for an insert card. Tabloo chose the colors purple and blue and a geometric pattern. Three sides were filled with text and one side with a picture of the visitor center.


Possibilities Pop-up box

We have the cube pen holder in different shapes and sizes. For example if hexagon pen tray or with one calendar. In addition to the spring Pop-up pen holder, we have a lot of other Pop-up cubes. We have cubes with confetti, but also cubes in all kinds of different sizes and shapes. Think of one diamond, cottage or pyramid. There is a suitable shape for every occasion!

This direct mail product comes with a tear-strip envelope, a tear-strip, and a window or resealable envelope. Without our special envelope, the Pop-up effect cannot be achieved. You can also have the envelope printed in the same style as the cube. This completes the picture!

Have you become interested in our spring Pop-up and would you like more information? Please rest assured Contact contact us or request one without obligation quotation On. For those who want to orient themselves even more on our direct mail products we have a special one sample box.