Jump cube announcement

With a direct mailing it is important that the message is well received by the recipient. This seems simple, but in practice this turns out not to be the case. It is therefore good to think about the type of direct mailing. It must immediately attract attention and be attractive enough for the recipient to read the content. Staatsloterij has handled this well by using a spring cube as an announcement. How? You can read that in this blog!

State lottery announcement

To make a striking announcement State lottery chose to do this with a jump cube to do. This cube immediately catches the eye of the recipient and cannot be missed. The spring cubes were sent to all kinds of retailers who sold the New Year's Eve tickets. The message of this direct mailing is the pre-announcement of the New Year's Eve draw. In addition, there is additional information for the selling parties.

The design of the spring cube is in the shape of a house, because the direct mailing was sent to shops. On the side of the cube is a large ''Grand Prize 30 MILLION'', so that it is immediately clear what can be won with a New Year's Eve lottery ticket.

Jump cube announcement

All about the jumping cube

The spring cube is one of the most striking mailings, because an unexpected effect takes place. In the case of the State Lottery, it was decided to make the cube in the shape of a house, but there are many more possibilities. You can also opt for a jumping cube in the shape of a diamond or a pyramid. In addition to the shape, there are other options you can think of, such as adding pen holes, so that the recipient can place it on his or her desk. The spring cube is also available in an extra large size (150x150x150mm). This mega jump cube offers more than enough space for all your information.

Jump cube announcement

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