Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Rapid Racking

Promotional Out of the Box as a marketing tool for offering a total solution

This promotional Out of the Box Card produced for Rapid Racking, gives a 'comic' look at the organization's work. The mailing shows several employees who are busy with their work in a perfectly equipped warehouse. With this special expression, Rapid Racking brings the warehouse to life and Rapid Racking draws more attention to its services and USPs; offering a (fast) total solution for the warehouse.

Rapid Racking takes full advantage of the space offered by the 100x100Out of the Box Card. A graphic representation of a warehouse has been continued on all sides and a small textual expression is made. The space on the top and bottom of the promotional box is also used. The top side again plays with the visual representation of a warehouse, but in this area the most important communication is in the text: “The fastest way to increase your warehouse space? A total solution from Rapid Racking!”. The promotional tone has been set.

Possibilities for the promotional Out of the Box

Rapid Racking has opted for a promotional Out of the Box Card of 100×100 for this expression. In addition, the envelope is printed on both sides in full color. This not only ensures that the envelope stands out more between the rest of the mail items, it also makes the mailing a coherent whole. Another advantage of printing the envelope on both sides is the extra communication space. If you want to communicate even more with the recipient, it is possible to add an insert card or accompanying letter. The Out of the Box Card is available in different sizes: small, large, square, rectangular and in a different shape such as a Hexagon Pop-up.

Due to the pop-up effect of this mailing, the message will not easily be forgotten by the recipient. In fact, it has a positive effect on the impression of your promotional message and thus the response. The shape and tactility of this product also contribute to this. The cube variants of the Out of the Box Card are suitable for any expression, but also check out the other variants of the promotional Out of the Box Card to see if a different shape better suits your message. This will improve the effectiveness of the mailing.

The promotional Out of the Box can be printed in full colour on six surfaces

Want to send your own promotional Out of the Box?

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