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It's time for something new: a gift in the mail for colleagues! LocoBrands has come up with a new concept in which the brands LocoMix and LocoMail join forces. The concept THNX gives you the opportunity to send a letterbox box by post, completely personalized. A cheerful way to surprise colleagues and employees in an original way! A gift in the mail is a happy maker, exactly what THNX stands for: bringing happiness to every doorstep. All gifts by post for colleagues in our range simply fit through the letterbox, so that the . We would like to introduce you to the first THNX product.

letterbox thank you colleague, thank you!

Gift through the mailbox!

Unlike at and LocoMail, you can also order just 1 gift concept at THNX! That is why this is the ideal way to surprise colleagues/employees when it is their birthday, for example. The special thing about this webshop is the fact that everything can be personalized very deeply. This means that not only the corresponding card, but almost every part of the THNX gets its own text/print! In the accompanying online design tool you can easily and quickly create a unique gift. We will ensure that the original gift is posted the same day. Colleagues are important to put in the spotlight every now and then. THNX has developed the 'thanks colleague!'.

send gift colleague by post

Gift in the mail: Tony Chocolonely + flower seeds!

You heard it right, those delicious Tony bars can now be ordered for your THNX gift! A wrapper in a beautiful design for the Tony and your own text on the card attached to the bag are the basis for this festive letterbox box by post. Who doesn't like a delicious milk chocolate bar? Sending a gift through the letterbox becomes a party when you personalize the text on all separate items in and around the box. 

Take a quick look at where the personalized gifts can be found!

Psst… Don't really have a reason to send someone a present? We also have the 'just like that' category for that thank you gifts! Neutral and cheerful designs gifts for every occasion!