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Are you looking for one event invitation? At LocoMail you are at the right address. We offer you a range of unique invitations for different events. These eye-catching announcements will trigger and surprise the recipient. Due to the surprise effect that is linked to the cards, the substantive message sticks with the recipient for an extra long time. In addition, they are convinced in a playful way to attend the event. Are you organizing an anniversary, fair, open day, company party or official opening? All our direct mail products can be used for this. For example, have you already viewed the Out of the Box Card? This personalized card, and with it your message, literally jump out of the envelope invitingly. Many companies have preceded you to surprise the recipient in a unique way with an invitation to an upcoming event.

Event invitation examples

An example of an organization that has made creative use of our event invitations is AVEVE. They used the 5-Card Selfmailer as a trade fair invitation. They used the bottom compartment of the mailer as consumption coupons. These vouchers could be used by the guests at the event. Be inspired by the examples below and view the cases of companies that preceded you.

Are you convinced by an example or case? Then request a free sample and/or a quote for one of our unique event invitations. If you have any questions, please contact one of our employees. They are happy to think along with you about the best way to use a direct mail. Together we create a special event invitation for a successful and successful event.

event invitation diamond card Accell Netherlands Successful and successful event invitation anniversary Slump
Open house personal invitation event DS80 Invited event invitation Timing customer afternoon case
Communication of event for business invitation Festo Personally addressed invitation event volunteer party Municipality of Zoetermeer
Attracting attention to festive occasion Lidl Special personalised invitation SAP council event Pop up Card

The options for your event invitation

At LocoMail you can send all invitations completely personalized, which will increase the attention and reminder value. The communication of your event or other festive occasion will therefore be personally inviting and fit well with your target group. Provide your own design to have a unique event invitation produced, entirely in your own house style in combination with your company logo. We also give you the choice to let our graphic designers support you in developing the design. The advantage of our event invitations is that they offer a lot of communication space for your invitation text due to the method of folding and printing.

In addition to space for the most important information about the occasion, there is still enough space for event communication for, for example, the program layout, the names of the organisers, the announcement of the sponsors, photos and, of course, a clear Call to Action. At LocoMail we ensure through our unique and special invitations that your addressees are personally involved in the event. Other creative options to attract the attention of the addressee are printing a unique code or adding an extra card. For example, add an extra card that the recipients should bring to the event for a special surprise.