Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card SAP

SAP, in partnership with Engie and Ernst & Young, is inviting a select group of people to join the EMEA North Executive Customer Advisory Council. The invitees for the exclusive event, which takes place in the Ottobock Science Center in Berlin, are invited to come with a special invitation. In this case we tell you more about the Pop-up Card used by SAP as a special invitation.

The Pop-up Card: a mailing that offers plenty of possibilities

When you use the Pop-up Card as your direct mail choose, you have many options. For example, the card is available in two formats. The large format measures 200 by 200 millimeters and the small format 120 by 120 millimeters. The card is therefore suitable for both an extensive communication message and a message that requires less text.

For SAP, the special invitation was produced on the large Pop-up Card format. The outside of the card is completely black with only white text and the SAP logo. A great way to announce an exclusive event like this, because more information about the event is only really given on the inside.

The entire left side of the inside of the card is occupied by information about the meeting. For example, a daily schedule is given and more information can be found about the course of events after the meeting. The right side of the card is only decorated with various address details and an image

Special invitation SAP Pop-up Card

A surprising invitation with a pop-up effect

But, the unique and surprising thing about the card is of course the special pop-up part. There is a standard pop-up shape that you can choose from, but it is also possible to have your own different pop-up stuck to the inside of the card. By choosing your own format, the whole of the mailing will match the message of your direct mail even better.

A different pop-up form has been created for the SAP mailing. The pop-up shape shows the building where the special meeting will be held. This two-dimensional image gives a striking effect and no recipient can ignore it, because the pop-up shape comes up immediately when the card is opened. This assures you of a mailing with a high attention value.

Your own Pop-up Card?

Of course, the Pop-up Card can not only be used as an invitation, but this mailing product is also very suitable for many other purposes. The pop-up shape, whether standard or different, gives your card a special look.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your own Pop-up Card? Please do not hesitate to contact one of our employees. They are happy to think along with you about the development of your own Pop-up mailing. Whether it concerns the Pop-up Card or one of our other mailing products. Are you not yet completely convinced of the effect of the card? Then request a demo of the Pop-up Card so that you can experience the effect yourself!