Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cube Lidl

The supermarket chain Lidl has invited its employees to a Leadership Forum. They did this by using the Pop-up Cube as a direct response marketing tool. It is important to stimulate employees to sign up, and the Pop-up Cube does this perfectly.


Direct response marketing tool: the Out of the Box Card

The name Out of the Box says it all, this cube jumps right out of its envelope. This surprising effect immediately attracts the attention of the recipient and ensures that his interest is piqued. To retain that attention, it is important that the message and the corresponding action are clearly visualized. Lidl does this by clearly showing their house style in the colors and typography, and the logo is also clearly displayed. This ensures that the message is clear at a glance. This clarity in the call-to-action promotes the effect of this grind in the field of direct response marketing.

Other possibilities to increase the response through this pop up mail, are for example placing a QR code and personalizing texts. Placing a QR code offers many possibilities, such as a link to a website, form or even a business card. The other option that was mentioned is personalizing texts. As a result, the recipient of the direct mail will feel more involved and will therefore take action more quickly, which promotes the effect of direct response marketing.

Lidl has chosen to place the information on the side surfaces. On the other 2 surfaces (top and bottom) the logo is the central point. Of course, you can also choose to place information on all six faces of the cube. This way the space of this direct response tool can be used optimally.

The Out of the Box Card will be sent in an envelope. Lidl has chosen to also print the envelope in full colour, which means that it already distinguishes itself in envelope shape. Once unfolded, the cube is a three-dimensional product that clearly distinguishes itself from other postal items. Every time the recipient's eye falls on the pop-up mailing, he will be reminded of: a) the fact that he has yet to respond to it or b) that the event is almost upon us. These triggers ensure a greater response among the recipients.

Your own direct response marketing

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