Direct marketing by mail

Direct marketing by mail is the way to get your business noticed! Why? We will go into that in more detail below. The trick is to stand out offline in the volatile digital age we live in today! Create the top-of-mind thought that you want to strive for as a company. This is possible with direct marketing by post! Read more about it below.

Direct marketing by mail through the letterbox

Direct marketing by mail that fits through the letterbox. Who would not want that? Why do we say that? Because the recipient comes into contact with your sent mail at least once. This way you can be sure that your message, invitation or the like will arrive and arrive. Not only that.

How often do you throw away e-mails without opening them? Often! Mail is often kept longer. In addition, mail reminds the recipient of the sender. This creates more noise.

Stand out offline

We briefly mentioned this in the introduction, but a good entrepreneur thinks out-of-the-box. Everyone is present online or is in the process of having an online presence. As a result, the communication that is sent is very fleeting. Even worse: it is often not even read, because the algorithms do not show it or because your target group is not on social media. First of all, this is a waste of time and energy, but also the capital invested. Double sin!


Locomail is your partner for direct marketing by post. Many great customers preceded you, such as KLM and Coolblue. Our experience and unique range make us a leading company in our industry. No 1 creative idea is too crazy for us. In fact... We ourselves get excited about new ideas. Thanks to our own production, we can switch quickly and communication is short and clear. Because we get the furthest with clarity.

Example box

Do you have an idea or are you unsure about ideas? No problem. We understand it can be difficult. That's why you can download a free sample box (demo package) to request. Get to know the Locomail concept and stand out offline with direct marketing by post.

If you have any questions? Then don't hesitate to contact our specialists without obligation to ask questions. They are happy to give you tailor-made advice.


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