The customer should be central, thinks almost 50% of the marketeers. This is the conclusion of a Berenschot Marketing Trend Survey in which more than 350 marketers participated. Compared to 2012, 'Customer focus' – now in 1st place – and 'Social Media' – now in 2nd place – switched places. Just like in 2012, authenticity is number 3. 'Innovation and idea generation' has risen to fourth place.

“In a shrinking market with increasing competition, customers want more and more for less money. By establishing a closer relationship with their customers, marketers try to prevent switching behavior,” explains Onno Ponfoort van Berenschot.

A company that responds to the trend of authenticity, innovation and customer loyalty is Locomix from Utrecht. The direct mailing company makes original invitations and give aways. “Our products are unique and stand out”, says owner Martijn Feenstra. For example, Locomix sends bottle mail and printed mini T-shirts. “We have various products that can be printed. As a result, there is room for a logo, text and your own design. So you don't send a simple card, but a striking product that makes the customer feel special.”

The initiators of the 2013 Marketing Trend Survey are Berenschot, Marketing Tribune, Marketingfacts, MEC (Marketing Executive Center), PIM (Platform Innovation in Marketing), NIMA and Stem (Industrial Marketing Centre).