Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Hexagon Van Der Capellen School Community

Unfortunately, it is not possible to organize an open day for future high school students at this time. Van der Capellen School Community was therefore looking for another way to inform potential students. They solved this in a creative way with a special direct mail. In this blog you can read how!


The school community decided to distribute a direct mail product to primary school students. They chose our bestseller: De Out of the Box card in hexagon shape. The special thing about this card is that a cube jumps up when the envelope is opened. This playful effect fits perfectly with the young target group they wanted to reach. The shape is also special.

In the inside of the envelope they referred to their websites and socials and listed the names of teachers you could contact. The card itself then contained the contact details of these teachers and the links to the various websites. In this way, the card complemented the envelope well.


This hexagonal direct mail resembles a ball and they responded creatively with texts such as: “On the Capellen Campus your ball can go in all directions…” or “We put the ball in your court”.

The hexagon shape is unique and striking and in combination with the printing you can give it very creative interpretations. Think of one Hamburger, a football or globe. We also have a variant with pin holes. For example, it can be placed on the desk. The hexagon Out of the Box card is offset printed.

Do you have an idea for the Out of the Box card or another special direct mail? Take it easy Contact with us! We are happy to think along with you for a unique concept. You can also get one for free quotation or sample box to request.