Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cube Autocable

As an introduction to a professional garden machine, this box from Garden Equipment has been distributed in 13 languages to 42 countries worldwide. This box, equipped with a handy desk calendar, is unique due to, among other things, the double-sided printed envelope. The inside of the envelope contains login details and an action code that are part of an action campaign.

Why the Pop up cube?

The Pop-up cube literally jumps out of the envelope and thus attracts all the attention of the customer. The unique surprise effect arouses curiosity, so that customers consciously take the time to discover this striking mailing. The box is printed on all sides in full color in your own design and can be used for various occasions.

In addition to the square and rectangular Pop-up cube, LocoMail has recently introduced two new variants: the Hexagon and the House. These jump out of the envelope just as hard and high as usual.

LocoMail has been providing original mail for over 10 years direct mail. We arrange the entire process and can therefore act quickly. In addition, we have our own graphic team that thinks along with you about the design. We are happy to help and think along with you about your own original direct mailing.

Does the Out of the Box fit within your concept? Request a free sample and/or quote for this eye-catching mailing on the product page.