Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cube Elis

Would you like to run a direct mail campaign that generates a response? With the Mini Out of the Box you can approach the target group in a personal way. The main goal of a direct mail campaign is of course to be able to address the target group in a targeted manner. The Mini Out of the Box is an effective and efficient way to convey your message to the recipient. This way of campaigning is personal, tangible and is seen as valuable and effective, because the message is aimed directly at a consumer or company.

Mini Out of the Box

The advantage of direct mailing is that it is personal. Both the envelope, the cubes and the insert card can be fully customized in detail. These personal characteristics will make the recipient feel more addressed.

An example is the Mini Out of the Box that was used as a direct mail campaign by Elis. They use this direct mail to share information about their latest service Pest Control. As you can see, they have completely personalized the envelope, insert card and cubes. This allows much more information to be transferred.

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